Solo mum

There are so many views on being a single mum and so many stories of how people have managed it, so here’s mine.

You see those 2 lines and you have so many emotions running through you, happy, scared, the oh my god this is happening and you see a glimpse of your future in your eyes, but what you didnt see is the part of being a single mum, once you realise you will be a single mum you know everything will change.

Doing it on your own is daunting, you dont know if your doing the right or wrong thing, especially when they look at you like your the worst mum ever and burst into tears, trying to lead by example, not knowing if you should play the role of both parents or if you should just do the role for one.

Yes you may have family to support you but it just feels like it’s you and your child against the world, and then there’s trying to feed them healthy and nutritious food but all they want is junk food or a piece of bread and yes sometimes you just have to give it because at least it’s something in there tummy right?

Sometimes you have to pick your battles just to keep the sanity while you have a bottle of wine next to you and other times you just want to shower them with love and affection, parenting is hard no matter what and when you get given advise from all angles on what you should do, you feel like your head is going to explode, so just do what you think feels right for you and your child, no matter wha t decision it is, you will always be judged by people around you but if you try and please everyone, you yourself will be unhappy, so trust your gut and never forget to take time out for you cause you deserve it guys!



Ok, so this blog starts back when I started going out with my ex, everything was just (perfect) in my eyes, it was a fairy tale come true, I was treated like a queen and I didn’t know any better so I indulged in it, unfortunately though that’s when my anxiety kicked in, ( I know, how can you get anxiety from that) being to scared to share my opinion, agreeing with everything to keep the peace cause the fights were scary and it was exhausting, I was so tired 😪, I started hated going out places cause i didnt know what would happen which gave me anxiety, I was even afraid to make plans with my family cause I didnt know what the outcome would be, and that’s when it started to get worse, my chest felt so heavy like a pile of bricks was ontop of me and I couldn’t get then off, I found it hard to breath, I felt so trapped, I started to get bruising on my chest from all the stress, I felt stuck, and i know alot of people say “why dont you just leave”? But what they dont know is that it’s easier said then done. When you feel like this, you may have hundreds of people to help you but when its you in the situation it feels like your alone. It can be terrifying.

When I get anxiety its horrible, I cant breathe properly, i start panicking, I feel like the world is closing in on me and helpless, you have a whole range of emotions in one, but you have to try and fight it, focus on your breathing, know your better then your anxiety and surround yourself with people that bring you up and help and support you, do things that make you happy and that brings peace to you ( reading a book, going for a drive, exploring nature, going to the beach) it doesn’t matter what it is as long as it makes you calm. It’s hard to get back from having anxiety but little steps each day make a big difference, dont be afraid you have so much support around you, you just need to let people in and help.

I hope this has helped someone and you enjoyed reading it.


Ok so here goes, my first ever blog (sighs nervously) now I have no idea where to start so I guess the beginning is a good place haha. I used to love fitness, working out, going for walks, and then one day for reasons I will explain down the track I just stopped, now most of it was my fault for not pushing myself but all I can do now is notice my mistakes and correct them. It’s so hard to get back on track but if you have a goal set and motivation you can achieve it, get yourself into the mind frame that you can do it ( something I also have to do) even doing a 10 minute work out at home out going for a walk to the park, just making sure you move your body. Anyway thanks for reading.

Now like I said iv never done a blog before so if you could leave a comment that would be appreciated.

Thanks guys